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Ponies on Index Cards 2 by Phenony Ponies on Index Cards 2 :iconphenony:Phenony 0 0 Ponies on Index Cards 1 by Phenony Ponies on Index Cards 1 :iconphenony:Phenony 0 0 Pix3m Contest WIP by Phenony Pix3m Contest WIP :iconphenony:Phenony 1 3 Phantasmos Flamehoof by Phenony Phantasmos Flamehoof :iconphenony:Phenony 0 9 Chrysalis in Dota 2 by Phenony Chrysalis in Dota 2 :iconphenony:Phenony 1 4
A Queen's Redemption Ch.2
"Whahahaaaahahaeeyaehaaee...!" Rarity rocked back and forth precariously in shock. After a couple seconds, she placed the ankle of her right front leg on her forehead and fainted, landing on Fluttershy who quickly collapsed under the unexpected weight.
"A Changeling? Come on! I thought Cadance and Shining banished those things!" Rainbow complained. "Besides, didn't they attack in groups last time? Why was it just one?"
"I don't know, but I think Chrysalis has a new plan. Everypony stay on your hooves!" commanded Twilight. "I'll write to Princess Celestia and notify her of the new potential danger." She then teleported to the Ponyville library.
"Spike, I need you to take a letter. It's urgent!"
"Oh, no! What is it?" Spike scranbled for his quill and inkwell, then leaped precariously onto his stool and hunched over the paper. Twilight immediately began dictating.
"Dear Princess Celestia,
"It has come to my attention that Ponyville may still be under the potential threa..."
"Hold on. What
:iconphenony:Phenony 1 2
A Queen's Redemption Ch.1
The Changeling Hive is not to be understated. Much like a beehive, it consists mostly of patternistic hexagonal cells made of solidified morphose, the slime that Changelings excrete. However, the Hive is much larger than a beehive. Its size is vast, almost rivaling Canterlot in size. Puncturing the solid elliptical surface is a single exit carved from six hexagons.
Changelings themselves are, as a race, hermaphroditic and asexual. They can change their genders at will and fertilize themselves to lay eggs without any need for carnal relationships. The only exception to this rule is the Hive's Queen, Chrysalis IV. The Hive Queen has to stay female at all times, and unlike all other Changelings, is granted a name. All other Changelings would be eaten alive if they gave themselves a name, as being named is a symbol of divine respect.
Changelings have no concept of love outside of it being the only way for them to survive. They cannot develop romantic feelings toward anything. Doing so woul
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Tallow Muro by Phenony Tallow Muro :iconphenony:Phenony 0 6 Maelstrom by Phenony Maelstrom :iconphenony:Phenony 0 1 Shut Up and Smile by Phenony Shut Up and Smile :iconphenony:Phenony 2 0 Scuse Me by Phenony Scuse Me :iconphenony:Phenony 3 0 Tallow WIP by Phenony Tallow WIP :iconphenony:Phenony 1 0 Mi Amore Chrysalis by Phenony Mi Amore Chrysalis :iconphenony:Phenony 4 12
Requests and Commissions
Requests/Commissions are OPEN!
Requests can only be solo images, but may come with a background.
Request Slots
1: TwiJack Fic (ZeroJanitor, I know he's going to clop to it but he clops to everything I do so whatever)
2: Autistic Wolf (DonutYoshi)
3: Open
4: Open
5: Open
Commissions can be group pictures.
Commission Slots
1: Open
2: Open
3: Open
You may NOT request:
1: Art not related to ponies
2: Anti-Brony/Anti-MLP art
3: Clop art or sexual scenes
4: Comics
5: Material directly offensive to either a single person or a group of persons
I do allow OC's, gore, and offensive vocabulary.
Fanfics can go under both requests and commissions. I would rather them be commissions, but if you're a good friend they can be requests.
:iconphenony:Phenony 0 30
Human CMC Mugshots WIP by Phenony Human CMC Mugshots WIP :iconphenony:Phenony 1 6 TWILIGHT by Phenony TWILIGHT :iconphenony:Phenony 0 0


I have no use for this account anymore. If you found my work through MLP-FIM-PG, follow my main account Phen01.


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Drew Benner
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a side account for PONY ART ONLY.

Visit my official account Phen01


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